Jan. 7th, 2011

macdobhran: Whoop Ass (Jeopardy)
ANSWER: In the arts, it's the profession of Cunningham, Robbins, and Tharp

Do-dee-do-do-do-dee-do do-dee-do-do-DUPE-do-do-do-do... )
macdobhran: Whoop Ass (Zombieland: Nut up or shut up!)
"He comes from the grave, his body a home of worms and filth. No life in his eyes, no warmth of his skin, no beating of his breast. His soul, as empty and dark as the night sky. He laughs at the blad, spits at the arrow, for they will not harm his flesh. For eternity, he will walk the earth, smelling the sweet blood of the living, feasting upon the bones of the damned. Beware, for he is the living dead."
--Obscure Hindu text, circa 1000 B.C.E.
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