Mar. 2nd, 2011

macdobhran: Whoop Ass (Zombieland Rule #12)
Smaller, one-handed crossbows can serve as a complement to your primary weapon. Carrying one means that a compact, silent weapon will always be on hand if needed. In comparison to the larger crossbow, hand bows have inferior accuracy, power, and range. using one means getting closer to the target. This increases not only the danger but the risk of detection, which, in turn, negates the need for a silent weapon. Use the hand bow carefully, and sparingly.
macdobhran: Whoop Ass (Zombieland Rule #15)
This term applies to any jar of flammable liquid with a primitive fuse. It is a cheap, effective way to kill multiple zombies at once. If the situation permits--e.g., fleeing an advancing horde, clearing a fireproof structure, or destroying a flammable structure with multiple zombies trapped in it--by all means, bombard the ghouls in question until nothing is left but ash.
macdobhran: Whoop Ass (Zombieland Rule #18)
how useful is this cultural icon against a swarm of newly risen flesh-eaters? In truth, not very. Unlike our fictional heroes, the average person may have difficulty hitting anything, let alone something as small and mobile as a zombie's head. Studies have shown that of all wasted ballistic wounds--e.g., those that struck a zombie in a non-lethal way--73 percent came from some type of handgun. Where handguns do come in handy is in extreme circumstances. If you are grabbed by a zombie, a pistol can be a life-saver. Pressing its muzzle against the undead temple and squeezing the trigger takes no skill and ensures a positive kill. For these reasons, a pistol should always be carried when confronting ghouls, but as a backup only.
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