Apr. 20th, 2011

macdobhran: Whoop Ass (Zombieland Rule #22)
If you do not live in a two-story house, the attic will be a less comfortable but equally secure substitute. Most can be secured by simply raising the retractable staircase or removing the temporary ladder. Zombies lack the cognitive ability to build a ladder of their own. If you stay quiet, they will not even know that an attic exists. Never use a basement as a shelter. Popular horror flicks have shown that, in a crunch, this subterranean chamber can protect the living from the dead. This is a dangerous fallacy. Burning, suffocating, or simply starving to death in basements have claimed hundreds of lives over the years.


Apr. 20th, 2011 11:29 am
macdobhran: Whoop Ass (Zombieland Rule #2)
Armor: Chain Mail

If worn from head to toe, this simpler form or armor actually does provide some protection from zombie bites. Teeth will be unable to penetrate its links. Its flexibility allows for greater movement and speed; its lack of a faceplate allows for greater visibility. Unlike solid plates it allows the skin to breathe and thereby cuts down on dehydration and overheating. Unless you have been training with this armor for years, your combat effectiveness is bound to be impaired. Its weight can still increase exhaustion. The pressure of a zombie bite may still be enough to crack bones or tear muscles within the armor. If you choose chain mail, make sure it is battle quality! Much of the the medieval or ancient armor produced today is for decoration or stage performance.

On the Run

Apr. 20th, 2011 11:35 am
macdobhran: Whoop Ass (Zombieland Rule #1)
Get in Shape:

Your body should be conditioned for a long journey. Begin a strict cardiovascular regimen. If there is no time, make sure the path you have chosen is within your physical abilities.

All groups should carry:
  • Silent ballistic weapon
    (preferably a silenced firearm or crossbow)
  • Extra ammunition for fifteen kills
    (if weapon differs from standard firearm)
  • Telescopic sight
  • Medium-sized medical kit
  • Two-way radio with headphones
  • Crowbar (in lieu of hand weapon)
  • Water-purification pump
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