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This past Saturday was so nice that I spent all day, and I mean ALL DAY, outside working in the yard. I’ll spare you the exciting tale of lawn mowing and instead skip to the fun stuff.

This first picture is how the western side of our backyard looked before I started. I had been very lax about pruning the bushes so they got huge, effectively killing all the grass underneath them. Which was fine with me because after the neighbors built their fence it was pretty difficult to mow behind them anyway. Then we got several feet of snow which bent and broke a lot of the branches so last year I cut them all way back and used my handy-dandy chipper to make mulch out of them.

So I decided to create a bed around the bushes to A) make it easier to mow and B) give the yard a cleaner look. I started by using a flat shovel to dig a 4-6″ deep trench in front of the bushes. After about 4 feet it looked like a drunken gopher was running amok in the yard. So I decided to use some twine and yard flags to make sure I stayed in a straight line.

After digging the trench it took about 75 feet of plastic edging to make the border of the bed. By this time TheLad was helping me with the trench. We backfilled the trench with the dirt we just dug out of it, making adjustments as we went. Then TheWife joined us and we all laid down the landscaping fabric, pinning it in place as we went. I only had 20 bags of mulch and by this time we were all pretty wiped out. So TheLad and I started putting that down while TheWife finished laying out the fabric.

As you can see in this photo we only covered about half of the bed, which measures out at about 750 sq ft. On Monday I went back to Home Depot for more mulch but they were sold out. Since it was on sale, they let me pre-buy 40 more bags at the sale price. Those bags arrived Tuesday. I rented one of their trucks to bring them home. TheWife and I unloaded all 40 bags in the 95-degree heat. And then left them.

Hopefully this weekend won’t be as miserably hot. I’d really love to cross this bed, the smallest of three, off my to-do list.

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