Jun. 6th, 2011

macdobhran: FFZ (FFZ)

Well, it wasn’t quite as hot as last weekend but it was close. Saturday morning I spread out the 40 bags of black mulch that I had ordered from Home Depot the week before. They didn’t quite cover the entire area so I had to go back and pick up 10 more bags at regular price. Man! Is that stuff expensive!

We only used 5 of those so the total to cover my newly made bed: 65.

Time to create said bed: 2 full days.

Personal satisfaction: Priceless.

I’m not sure of the total cost, but it was a lot more than what I thought it would be. Mainly due to the amount of mulch and the landscaping fabric. The fabric, while expensive, is the absolute key ingredient in creating a weed/grass free bed. I likened it to yeast in a cake until [livejournal.com profile] cellymcfae ruefully reminded me that you don’t use yeast in cakes.

This is why I tend to work in the yard and stay out of the kitchen.

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