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Now is the time in our program when we play your favorite game. Those of you playing at home, please feel free to shout out your answers along with those of our studio audience.

Today's question on Oh, What a Beautiful Morning! is:

"This morning I forgot to put on _________ ."

Wait for the buzzer and then just shout out your answers. Ready.... set....

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!

You see, I left this morning with no pants in my gym bag because they were in the dryer and in my sleep deprived state this morning, I forgot. So I had to head to a Sheena-less Target and buy a pair this morning.

As our grand prize winner, you Ms [ profile] tchwrtr, have won...

This handsome gentleman's chest*!

*-Grand prize is actually only a picture of a handsome gentleman's chest. No actual handsome gentleman's chest shall be delivered or picked up unless there is hair on it and my wife isn't home. SHHHH! Be DISCREET.
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