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I don't know if they're smithys per se, but we've had almost a constant stream of essentially well-dressed homeless walking by our building today. And Reston, VA is not really known as a hot bed of vagrancy. I mean it's mostly office buildings with some apartment/condos in the area and some single-family homes. Not really prime busking area.

And they're all walking really slow. Just shuffling across our parking lot and on down the street.

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So I actually left for work on time today. Top down, music playing, sun shining and 70 degree weather--it doesn't get much better than that.

About 15 minutes into my drive, just past Blue Ridge Elementary School on Rte 9, I had to suddenly slam on my brakes after cresting a rise because a huge freakin' tree (it must have topped sixty feet when standing is blocking my lane and half of the oncoming lane. I wait for the oncoming traffic to pass and then I scoot around the tree. I noticed that the stump of the tree looks smooth like it's been cut.

I'm sure it originally broke and they were probably in the process of cutting it up but you'd think they would start at the end that's in the middle of the road. Plus they must have been on a break because there were no sounds of chainsaws and I didn't see anyone around.

So I call [ profile] cellymcfae, who hadn't left the house yet, and let her know about the tree. The rest of my drive seemed okay except for being stuck behind a big Ford dually and an incident on Rte 7.

I finally get onto Rte 7, near Leesburg, and traffic just stops. After creeping along at 20 mph, I finally reach the reason for the backup. Some lady is stumbling around in the middle of the freakin' road! She must have tied one on last night because it's a little after 7:00 AM and she's quite obviously drunk. Cars are swerving around her but the way she's swaying back and forth across the lanes make it pretty difficult. By the time I make it up to where she is, an ambulance has already arrived and they've stopped traffic while they try to catch her. She put up a little bit of a struggle but they finally got her on a stretcher and in the ambulance. Apparently she was not a happy drunk because it looked like she tried to bite one of the paramedics.

Let this be a lesson, kids. When the bars close, it's time to stop drinking.
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