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Monday evening, [ profile] cellymcfae and I went for a walk around the block. When we used to try doing this, oh about a year ago, she had to walk slower than normal so I could keep up. She's a fast-walker. Not to be confused with a close-talker. But this time, I could walk just as fast as she does and I didn't feel as though I was courting a coronary episode. So go me.

Last night, [ profile] cellymcfae went to the public library to get some books. Since it was still relatively warm out, I decided to pull out the bike and detail the wheels. You see, my bike has spoked wheels which is a pain in the ass to clean. Usually I just spray them off with some S100 cleaner and go. This time though I laid down on the driveway with a toothbrush and scrubbed each and every spoke until it shined. Then I cleaned in and around the engine. I finished by spraying down the whole bike, drying it off, and waxing the tank and fenders. She's now primped, pretty and ready for church. Or as some people like to say, "parade ready".

Tomorrow will start the official riding season for me. I'm sure because of the weather today that it will be pretty chilly at 5:00 AM but the afternoon ride home should be spectacular.

I really need to get some ghost brackets so I can get the bags off easier. I also need to call K├╝ryakyn and see about getting my foot peg fixed. Those are the only really pressing things. More chrome and gadgets are going to have to wait until probably the Fall. I'm really focusing on getting our credit cards and loans paid off.

Speaking of money that I don't have to spend, I have got to go get some new pants. I've got a couple pairs I found when I cleaned out our craft room closet that fit me again. But all my newer pants, some nice linen ones too, are about 6 inches too big in the waist now. I've got droopy but down to almost my knees. It's not pretty. My shirt situation is fine though, oversized shirts don't look nearly as bad and baggy pants.

Saturday morning I'm going to take my club vest over to a new leather place (my usualy seamstress retired and closed her shop) in Martinsburg to get some patches sewn on. I'm hoping I can wait for it because I have a club meeting that night. Oh, did I mention that I'm the new Secretary for my riding club? Don't get all congratulatory on me though, it's a voluntary position. I've been in this club for three years so I figured it was time to give something back.

On Sunday we're planning on going to see 300 after [ profile] cellymcfae gets out of church. Some time during this weekend I also need to do some work out in the gardens because things are starting to pop up. I've been lazy about that the last couple of years and the grass is seriously trying to take over our flower beds. I also want to go across the street to the construction site and steal some big rocks before they haul them off. I'm hoping that my increased energy this year will mean I can finally do something about the big ideas in my head regarding our landscape. We want to plant some trees, build a large raised vegetable garden bed, and create an park-like area.

Weightloss a good enough reason to buy new gardening and power tools, isn't it??
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