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This got long. Bring a lunch. )
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At least that's how Ozzy put it. But the idea is still the same.

Lotusphere 2007 is over for me. I've got a couple hours to kill before I have to take the Disney shuttle back to the airport and then I've got another couple hours to kill while waiting for my flight. Unfortunately, it's only about 45 degrees today and raining so there isn't much to do but sit inside. I think Florida is just try to help me get ready for DC weather.

I'll post some more details about my trip tomorrow. There were good points and not so good points but all in all, I have had a really good time. I'm half ready to come home. I mean I'm packed and everything but while I miss [ profile] cellymcfae and home, I wish I could stay a few more days. There's a lot of stuff I'd still like to see and do. Never fear though, I will definitely be coming back next year and staying the extra days over both weekends. That will also give [ profile] cellymcfae a chance to come down and join me for the weekend after Lotusphere ends.

Catch you on the flip side.
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Well, I'm heading to Orlando, FL tomorrow morning at 6:40 AM. This of course means that I have to get up at 3:00 AM. Gah. I'll have internet access in the evenings but during the day, I'll be in classes. So try to stay out of trouble next week.
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