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Wow, y'all really liked yesterday's picture! [ profile] ladylyonesse started it off with a "virginal" comment. She, [ profile] dawntreader90 and [ profile] faireraven get 2000 bonus points each for working in the name of the instrument. which seemed to be a running theme. [ profile] thatliardiego went right for the penis joke. [ profile] fairefifi gets half a bonus for introducing midgets.

Get it? Half a bonus for midgets?? I slay myself.

[ profile] alricthemad and [ profile] dawntreader90 get 1000 bonus points each for sweet Schroeder references. [ profile] danicia and [ profile] ptpgrad get bonus points for NCRF weather references. [ profile] thatliardiego gets an additional 500 bonus points for the true story.

However the clear winner has to be [ profile] reggiemental with his "I wish my brother George was here...." comment. He wins a coupon for half off a round trip ticket to Oompa-Loompaland for the annual Running of the Oompas Festival.

Today's picture's are both from NCRF 2007.

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Yesterday's Caption This! yielded some snappy comments. [ profile] chellebelle74 made me laugh out loud. [ profile] thatliardiego, [ profile] dawntreader90, [ profile] celtink, [ profile] danicia, and [ profile] ladylyonesse all captioned from [ profile] keltique's perspective. While [ profile] hthottie and [ profile] reggiemental took a different tact.

Yesterday's big weiner though was [ profile] sweetpea86! She wins a year's supply of Nunya - the discreet adult diaper.

Today's picture is from NCRF 2002 and brought to you by Pimp Milord - Makers of Floofy Gentleman's Clothing Since 1575.

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Yesterday's Caption This! was a huge success. Bonus points go to [ profile] silverstah for continuity across the 'Verse and to [ profile] thatliardiego for O' Brother references. Honorable mention goes to [ profile] reggiemental for a timely Charlton Heston reference.

The big weiner and first prize winna-winna-chicken-dinna is [ profile] alliesutherland!!

Today's Caption This! is from NCRF 2003 (I'm SORRY, [ profile] hthottie, I don't have any pics from 2005!) and is brought you by LT's Weapons of Medieval Destruction and all the fine folks at Wade County Volunteer Ambulance Crew #29.

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Today's image is brought you from NCRF 2004.

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I'm getting lazy in my old age. I still plan on putting the pictures from Closing Weekend of MDRF on my website but creating all the thumbnails and coding the html takes time. And I know how you people are with photos. So I created a Flickr account (I'll give you three guesses as to what the name is) so that I could share the photos sooner.

im in ur Fairez, takin ur peekchur

I deleted over half of all the pictures I took because I am my own worst critic. A lot of these aren't as sharply focused or cropped as much as I would have liked but they were the only shot I could get at the time. They're also shrunk down from the original size because I didn't think to change the default picture size (large) before I started shooting. It's going to take me a little while to get used to focusing again. I'm used to the crosshair focus (little circle with crosshairs) but this camera doesn't have that.

Anyway I'll probably start using Flickr to upload most of my photos now because it's so easy and because I'm running out of space on my website.

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