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Well, we didn't make it to Berkeley Springs. We were all dressed ready to go when a quick look at the weather channel made us decide against riding all the way out there. Good thing too, because within a half hour of our departure time, it started pouring down rain. Twice.

We decided to stick closer to home and go see a movie. Unfortunately it started raining again so we took the Jeep. Despite my campaigning for Transformers, [ profile] cellymcfae wanted to see Live Free or Die Hard. It was a decent enough diversion but not really up to the other movies in the series. I don't know if it was different writers or a different director but something was just off.

It was a nice day off but tomorrow it's back to the gym and work.

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Dooood. I can not WAIT for this to come out.

Wild Hogs

March 2, 2007. Mark your calendars now.
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